Can we just take a moment and address the hypocrisy?  I mean I do go to church and love Jesus and pray with you at church, but …. the moment that I screw up and accidentally curse, the elders are notified.  I’m so very serious right now.  I found out later on, but some one actually went and told the elders that I slipped up and cursed.  I literally don’t remember when it happened.  I had no idea.  I racked my brain for hours trying to figure out what I could have said or who(m) I may have offended.

It’s ironic isn’t it?  Instead of handling it in a “Christ-like” manner and coming to me directly to inform me of my dirty language and condemning behavior… they went and told my husband’s bosses.  Because that obviously is how mature Christians should handle things.  Friends, I truly struggle with loving the “weaker brother”.  I wish I could have known whom I had offended.  Believe it or not, I would actually have apologized to them.  I probably would have said I’m not perfect and have areas that I’m working on, but would have apologized for offending them none the less.  Fortunately, the elder that informed me also drank and cursed, so I was ok.  But it was the damn principle of the thing.  Come on friends, we are all in this together.  When you don’t speak in a Christ-like manner I don’t rat you out to your spouses boss. I’m not holy.  I’m not perfect.  I’m real.  And I’m just trying my best to get thru this thing called life.


The Inappropriate Pastor’s Wife