Shall We Begin?


It’s a Sunday afternoon and I’m drinking my cup of coffee.  Don’t ask me what number this is for the day…. I truly couldn’t tell you.  My family is sleeping after a crazy day of Sunday events that always take place when you’re married to a pastor.  For years I have always wanted to share the truth about being a pastors wife or just my own personal feelings, but heaven forbid we do that….the whole damn church might fall apart.  Why you ask?  Because as a pastors wife it’s my job to love others, smile, wave like a frickin princess.  My feelings and thoughts are not wanted.  Every other person in the church is allowed to share their feelings….but not me.  I can’t say that we cater to the old folks or that someone was rude as hell.  No, I’m supposed to suck it up because I’m married to the pastor.  I can’t post my views on social media because that would cause my husband lots of extra headaches to deal with…. and by that I mean spiritually immature individuals who want to have their pastors and their wives conservative republicans or holy and pious because wasn’t Jesus a white, middle class, Republican?  No…. I don’t get to be frustrated with the church or people.  I have to smile, wave and act like everything is fine despite church politics,  or that the pastor went 2 minutes over his sermon time and we didn’t get out right at noon.  Friends, I’ve waited a long time to write this blog, but the day is here.  I have enough content to keep us going quite a while, but I thought I would let you know that this blog is not for the faint of heart.

I plan to use the entire English vocabulary – curse words and all – gasp!  And you might even hear me talk about politics!  But I can assure you of one thing ….and that is that I will not be fake.  I will not hold my tongue and I will not act like everything is ok.  I don’t get to share my feelings as the regular pastor’s wife because if I did …. well my husband might not have a job.  So this space gives me anonymity and lets me use that sailor mouth my mother taught me and yet would gasp if she actually heard me speak it.  I do plan on mostly talking about love and Jesus and hypocrisy that I want to address ….So thanks for joining me.  Feel free to leave comments – but if their nasty… I probably won’t read them.

1 thought on “Shall We Begin?”

  1. Can’t wait to hear this fresh perspective! Finally someone is addressing my own personal thoughts, feelings and frustrations as part of “the church body”. Something has to change! Im excited to follow along with your posts!


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